About TruTeach

Support for elementary teachers, parents and students: resources; professional development; coaching; tutoring.

Enhance your teaching skills and overcome educational challenges through our personalized coaching service. Be equipped with proven strategies and tools to support your children throughout their elementary education. Gain additional support to meet grade level expectations in reading, writing or math.

TruTeach saves you time, enables you to be more efficient and ultimately takes care of your well-being. 

TruTeach Mission

Empowering you to reach your ‘Tru’ potential as an educator or student, whilst maintaining vitality in your life.


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Why? To give every child the opportunity maximize their full potential

Children learn best through opportunities that are purposeful, creative and thought-provoking in a positive, engaging and risk-free environment. Teaching is one of the most stressful professions due to students’ diverse needs and classroom sizes, as educators work hard to maintain balance. TruTeach alleviates the unnecessary pressures by providing personalized support and guidance, as well as a community of like-minded teachers. This allows teachers to focus on delivering high-quality learning experiences, build strong student connections and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


How? By empowering educators


TruTeach fosters educators’ commitment to learning by providing helpful strategies and tools to overcome challenges in the classroom. By partnering up with a TruTeach coach, teachers will be personally supported to meet their professional goals. The TruTeach academy provides comprehensive courses for teachers to learn or re-familiarze themselves with proven skills and techniques. TruTeach understands the importance of parental support and provides parents with the necessary skills so that they can support their child through their learning journey and also foster a love of learning within themselves.

Here's Why TruTeach is Calgary's Best Tutoring and Professional Development Company

The Tru Story

Endless hours planning and prepping for students to have their best days of their lives at school led to birth of TruTeach.

The founders of TruTeach, husband and wife, Samantha and Christopher Smith envisaged a world with stress-free teachers who focus on delivering high-quality learning experiences to the future generation. Giving teachers time is the most valuable gift. Time to teach, time to learn, time to breathe and time to grow have been the driving force behind their vision. With the gift of time, teachers will have more energy to deliver high-quality lessons for students to make the real and life-long connections they ‘Truly’ deserve. TruTeach became more than a dream in 2021, when Samantha, a certified teacher in Alberta, utilized her 10-year teaching expertise to build the company, into the leading service it is today.


Teach. Learn. Breathe. Grow.

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