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Teacher Professional Development: personalized coaching and mentoring.

Develop and improve your teaching practise to facilitate powerful and engaging learning opportunities for your students. Work with a professional coach who will be your personalized mentor to strengthen your teaching expertise and connections with students.

Costs are covered through your school's teacher professional development fund so it's FREE!

Complete the contact form or phone 1-587-625-8510 to find out how!


Are you overwhelmed with managing an increasing workload? Do you feel that your classroom management skills need a fresh approach? Are you craving a healthy work-life balance?

You are not alone!

Alberta education revealed that 91% of teachers were dissatisfied with their workload!

Due to the constant demands and pressures that teachers face on a daily basis, now more than ever, teachers need personal, direct support and guidance.

You do not have to do this alone!

Teacher coaching can go where no other professional development has gone to before, by building teachers' skills and confidence through their individual behaviours, practices, beliefs and feelings.

Now is the time to partner up with a TruTeach coach, who has Alberta teaching certification and experience, to fully support you with your professional goals!

Costs are covered through your school's teacher professional development fund so it's FREE for Alberta teachers! To find out how, complete our contact form or phone 1-587-625-8510 today!

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Benefits of TruTeach's teacher coaching

Using our personalized coaching and mentoring service, you will enhance your own learning journey with a leading expert in teaching elementary students. A TruTeach coach will work with you, in-person or online, to achieve your professional goals. Whether you’re new to teaching or fully-driven in your career path, TruTeach will provide you with the skills and confidence to apply the best strategies, in a risk-free environment, for your students to thrive in their learning journey.

  • A personalized package designed to meet your specific professional development goals.
  • Work with a professional coach who is a certified teacher in Alberta and highly experienced in teaching elementary students.
  • In-person or online guidance, through the best strategies and techniques to apply in your classroom for maximum impact.
  • Reflection opportunities to move your learning journey in the direction you intend to take.
  • FREE for teachers as costs are covered through your school/district teacher professional development fund!

Terms and Conditions Apply!


TruTeach's teacher coaching service provides elementary teachers with personalized, in-person or online support.

Our Alberta certified and experienced teacher coaches, create a bespoke program, tailored to meet the teacher's professional goals.

For more information, check out some of the topics covered to strengthen teachers' skillsets: 

-Creating year plans
-Creating and managing weekly subject plans
-Using assessment to inform plans
-Using assessment for learning to inform plans
-Using assessment of learning to understand student success
-Applying a variety of assessment types
-Teaching new curriculum outcomes
-Bridging the gaps for students from the old curriculum to the new curriculum
-Using whole class strategies
-Using individual student strategies
-Planning for differentiated instruction
-Assessing differentiated instruction
-Managing differentiated instruction in the classroom
-Phonological awareness
-Writing ideas/representations
-Writing conventions
-Number unit
-Geometry unit
-Measurement unit
-Patterns unit
-Time unit
-Statistics unit
-Using manipulatives
-Guided math
-Mathematical reasoning
-Learning through play
-Using manipulatives
-Guided tasks
-Connecting learning to the real-world
-Promoting critical thinking
-Providing inquiry-based learning opportunities
-Classroom organization
-Classroom learning supports
-Creating independent learners
-Creating and maintaining IPPs
-Strategies to support students with:
          -Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
          -Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
          -Behavioral Disorders
          -Speech or Language Impairments
          -Emotional Regulation Disorders
-Creating and maintaining an inclusive classroom
-Staying organized
-Staying accountable
-Prioritizing you!

Here's Why TruTeach is Calgary's Best Tutoring and Professional Development Company

How it works

Step 1: Book a FREE consultation to explore how a TruTeach coach can enhance your teaching practice.

Step 2: Following the consultation, a coaching package is designed to meet your professional goals.

Step 3: Complete your school/district professional development fund application form to ensure the cost is covered by your school or district.

Step 4: Once the package is agreed, book in-person or online meetings to meet the proposed schedule.

Step 5: Bring your commitment and enthusiasm and work in collaboration with one of our professional coaches!


For bespoke in-person or online coaching, book a free consultation with one of our coaches, by completing our contact form or

phoning 1-587-625-8510 today!

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Teacher Coaching FAQs

Teacher coaching is the latest and most powerful form of professional development because it is personalized to the teacher. Check out these frequently asked questions to find out the answers to our common enquires:

We have helped many teachers improve their daily practice and find a fulfilling work-life balance. Some of the ways our coaching service has helped teachers include: new curriculum; differentiated instruction; first-year mentorship; classroom management; planning and assessment; students with special needs.

Since our coaching service is tailored to meet the specific goals of a teacher, the focus area is truly dependent on individual needs. 

To find out how a TruTeach can support you, please connect with us by completing our contact form or phoning 1-587-625-8510 today!

No, though extremely valuable to newly qualified teachers, teacher coaching has been proven to dramatically increase student achievement for all teachers, regardless of their years of experience. The reason being, is that all teachers are impacted by the constant changes and pressures within the education world, so now more than ever teachers need personal and direct support and guidance.

For teachers it's FREE!

The cost of the coaching package is covered by the teacher professional development fund. Simply complete your school/district application form!

Since packages are bespoke, the cost to be covered through the fund will be outlined once the goals and needs of the teacher are established.

Connect with our experts to find out more by completing our contact form or phoning 1-587-625-8510 today!

Teacher coaching spans across the academic year. The power behind this new reform of professional development, is that unlike traditional one-off courses/seminars, teacher coaching provides frequent support and guidance with timely feedback and reflection opportunities.

If you require an alternative approach, these can be explored through the free consultation.

Coaching sessions are in-person or onlineand designed to personally suit the teacher.

A series of questions are asked throughout each session so that the coach and the teacher can work together to acheive their professional goals. The direction of a session is guided by the teacher's response to questions and their desired goal. A range of strategies and techniques will be explored with clearly defined next steps. Reflection opportunities are essential so that both partners understand the current reality and the required improvements for change.

Teach. Learn. Breathe. Grow.

Thanks for considering TruTeach for your professional and educational needs.

We'd like to get to know you a little better so that we can focus on your goals.

Please complete the contact form below and a TruTeach professional will reach out to you.




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